Fyve Derbyshire is a housing development project in the heart of Novena, Singapore that will be ready for possession by the end of 2022. A housing project in a prime location makes it the most sought-after premium class housing complex in the vicinity. There is an abundance of buses and cabs that run through the places, thus striking off the problem of transportation.

Fyve Derbyshire RH Developments is near to the Novena M.R.T station which is a major underground high-speed transit stoppage. Owners and tenants traveling to the city can take the Central Expressway which is just a block away. The location houses blocks of shopping complexes and other essential stores along with reputed hospitals and healthcare service providers nearby. The presence of top-rated schools in the area cuts the school journey short for parents as well as students.

Fyve Derbyshire RH Developments Two

The housing complex is being developed by RH Developments Two which is a subsidiary of Roxy Pacific-Holdings. The site was formerly a Derby Court which was recently sold to Roxy Pacific Holdings for the creation of Fyve Derbyshire. Founded in 1967, Roxy Pacific-Holdings is the market leader in the real estate market of Singapore.

Roxy Pacific Holdings Developer Across Many Countries

Their main focus is to develop premier properties across the country and ensure their sales with excellent marketing. The company has received numerous awards and accolades, the major one being listed by the SGX mainboard in the year 2008 due to its consistent success for decades. To date, they have constructed 36 commercial and housing complexes with over 2500 units.

The complex is a single block 19 storied building with 71 high-quality and fully furnished apartments that come with amazing facilities. The gross area of the campus is over 18,500 square feet which houses an in-house cafeteria and a multifunctional gym that comes complete with the latest equipment. There is also a yoga center for people seeking peace and a healthy body and covered parking for vehicles, to say the least.

Fyve Derbyshire Near to Facilities and Institutions

The place is perfect for families as the buzz around the place along with countless facilities and institutions create a lively ambiance that promotes recreation, education, and personality development. The housing complex is located close to the Bukit Timah which is a society for families. This ensures that the Fyve Derbyshire residents get to socialize with more families and eventually end up forming a close-knit and peaceful society. There are a lot of opportunities for children to enjoy with friends and their parents, starting from shopping at malls to eating at one of the famous food joints such as Mezza9 and Polo Club present in the place. The Novena region is known for its upscale but cost-effective residential complexes making it a peaceful place with the feel of a city.

With such convenient and exquisite features, there’s no doubt as to why the Fyve Derbyshire is one of the most sought-after localities, both for raising a family and as an ideal working environment.