First of all, the Treasure Crest EC is a 99 year executive condo development, and it is presently being worked on by those who bid on it for building and construction. The Treasure Crest EC is located at Anchorvale Crescent, which is in District 19, and is near the Cheng Lim LRT Station. What does make the Treasure Crest EC so great? There are lots of things that make this premium grade condo development so ideal and wonderful in its very own kind of way.

Treasure Crest EC Sim Lian Land

What the Treasure Crest Sengkang MRT Station is slated to do is very clear and obvious. It will just offer tenants lots more choices as far as executive condos do go and this is great in its own way. Because, to be honest, executive condo buyers do like variety and this locate will give them that two-fold. Treasure Crest EC is presently under construction and the projected number of units that will be available is around 525. However, this number isn’t official yet, being that it is a subject that is pending affirmation from the local authorities in charge of handling this. The development is said to be planned, to be about, 16 stores in height and will see possible completion date of mid 2019.

Treasure Crest Anchorvale Crescent Sengkang

The Treasure Crest EC is a condo development that is also situated in an awesome place. Why is that? Treasure Crest EC isn’t far at all in location from the Cheng Lim LRT Station. What makes Cheng Lim LRT Station so great is this. It is the very station that does serve to connect Sengkang MRT Station with Sengkang Kopitiam Square. Sengkang in itself is surely a place for excellent potential. Why is that? Because, to be honest, Sengkang doesn’t have much land left for development in it. It is considered to be just one MRT stop that isn’t far away from Punggol Waterway Point. Punggol Waterway Point will be opening up sometime this year.

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Forestwood Residence is a housing complex that had originally been owned by the government for almost one hundred years. It is located in the District 19 location and is known as the Serangoon Condo. The government released this property to the buyer because he paid approximately $250 million dollars for it. The complex is in a prime location. It is close to the shopping centers and residents can walk to where they need to go. Forestwood condos will have approximately 500 units available for Forestwood Residences CDL.

Forestwood Residences Serangoon Central

The improved condos will offer a nice place for people to live and they will be able to enjoy their surroundings. The landscape that is taking place around the premises will offer a beautiful view for tenants to enjoy. The finished project of Forestwood can have a lifetime effect on the tenants who live there, and the surrounding interchange that is nearby.
The condos will be remodeled and have a beautiful landscape to be admired. The tenants will have access to a swimming area with a swimming pool. The residence can enjoy the sun and water while they relax during the day. Swimming is great for cooling off or getting some laps in around the pool. A tennis court is being built for the residence to enjoy. This outdoor activity will offer hours of fun while admiring the outdoors.

Forestwood Residences Condo CDL

Tennis can give residents a chance to mingle and get to know each other. It is a great way to spend time outside. Plans in the near future will include a gym. There is going to be an outdoor gym area for people to exercise and burn off some calories. An inside gym will also be available or those residences who do not want to go outside. The inside gym will also be resourceful when the weather is bad outside. People can exercise and take part in the equipment and services.

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