Dairy Farm Residences UED Residential and Hillview Avenue

The Dairy farm residences form an integral development. It is situated in the middle of UED Residential and Hillview Avenue. The plot is a mixed development consisting of 450 housing units along with a child care center, as well as a supermarket and a dining room in the quiet and quiet area of Hillview. The development of dairy farm residences will create new echoes in the region due to the upcoming stores, as well as existing facilities throughout the region.

Dairy Farm Residences UED Residential and Hillview Avenue

The idea behind Dairy Farm Residences UED Residential is to create a living space taking into account its population, improving comfort and accessibility to basic needs. When it joins residential and commercial properties, this type of housing inspires a new way of working and living in that city. We have various variations of integrated developments. Block City joins some structures made for a variety of purposes in a residential complex. The most common way to create integrated development housing is to issue an individual building. On the other hand, United Engineers Limited is a mixed development where people can enjoy services directly at the door.

Dairy Farm Residences Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Although Singapore is famous for its capital, Bukit Timah is situated in the center of that island. It is a lush hill of Singapore and the highest natural point has tropical vegetation for the rainforest. The Phuket Timah Reserve is the perfect place for the living of residences who use Petir Road. The site has nature reserves and hiking trails among many excellent activities. It is situated in the residential area of Hillview, Bukit Timah and Dairy Farm, which is a luxury residential area and nearby towns that offer fun activities especially for those who do not like the tropical climate.

Hillview Area Located Near to Bukit Timah Hill

Those who live near Hillview area can hike through the forest. At the top of the tree, the valets can decide to pass the rainforest umbrella. There will be a beautiful view of monkeys that always remain in the community on the upper floor of the rainforest. There is a firmly suspended bridge that takes hikers to the top of the tree.

Bukit Timah Hill is situated in a nature reserve and gives its name to the surroundings. Phuket Temah is one of the most valuable natural places in Asia, and it is one of the natural forests you can get Singapore that has survived and has a great diversity of environments with more than 800 species of flowering plants and 500 species of animals. Bike, hiking or jogging routes are available throughout the reservation. The location is known for rock climbing when people walk to the top of the hill and enjoy the view from the top.

The things that distinguish Rail Mall from other shopping centers in Singapore is its fantastic nature. It is one of the individual shopping centers in the area. Do not worry here about your belongings. It is a building of bungalows distributed in bars, shops and restaurants. The Rail Mall is close to UED’s residential development near the Hillview subway station.