Juniper Hill Condo Allgreen Properties Singapore

There are barely limited cities on this planet that offer a peaceful and natural environment. The lush green vegetation, a natural gush of wind and peaceful environment has disappeared with the emergence of modern-day high-rise buildings. Be that as it may, Juniper Hill condos at Bukit Timah road offer a perfect home for your needs.

Juniper Hill Condo Allgreen Properties Singapore

Juniper Hill offers a place to breathe fresh air far from the concrete jungles present in the various cities of Singapore. The modern nature sanctuary, an upscale neighborhood and convenience stores that are only a few steps away from home make it a perfect choice for those looking for a place to settle and work. There is also a host of educational institutions close by, offering a great learning opportunity to our little ones.

The development for Juniper Hill Allgreen Properties of these condos was strategically analyzed through the efforts of Allgreen Properties that’s placed near Bukit Timah-Road. The site location has a land space measuring 60,460 square feet of area under the lap of high-end Steven-Road Area and the Newton Area on 41 Ewe-Boon Road – Singapore 25933.

The accessibility to various important transportation, shopping, and educational infrastructures make it suitable for owners who choose to stay in the place.

Allgreen Properties Residential Projects in Singapore

Allgreen Properties aim at enriching people’s lives through sustainable development projects aimed at benefiting all stakeholders involved. Allgreen Properties are part of Kuok Group which currently owns huge numbers of condos, office space and residential buildings around various places in the country. Juniper Hill Allgreen Properties is a new development that is located right in the heart of Bukit Timah

Their goal towards achieving excellence and mutual benefits for all stakeholders has earned them prestigious awards like B.C.A Quality Excellence-Award and B.C.A Construction Excellence-Awards. With this rich history of excellence, we can only expect the same level of services with the Juniper Hill.

Juniper Hill Condo Amenities Right By Your Door Steps

The neighborhood is a walking distance away from major shopping centers and key transportation hubs around the vicinity of Bukit-Timah Road. The Location is nestled within important elite areas of Bukit Timah and close to convenient shopping locations like Balmoral Plaza as well as The Grandstand Shopping-Centre.

These huge shopping spots situated a few minutes away from your doorsteps can be the best place to wind up your weekends. You can walk in any of the joints and have a good feast as well as stress relieving shopping experience. The Hwa-Chwong Educational-Institute near SIXTH M.R.T Station and only a few blocks away is indeed one of the best educational centers.

Here, your child can complete their A Level and college education. If you want some serene private dining session with family, Newton Food Centre is close by. Likewise, the strategically-located Stevens M.R.T Station and the Fourth-Avenue Station can help you zoom to your work, school or places around with ease.